New Year. New Stories. So why not a new site? by Lee starnes


New Site!!

Stories, Ramblings and High Fives

I’ve been debating on changing the way I present my work for some time, and just the same as one photo is never the total story, a simple visual is not sufficient in its presentation. I reckon this area of the site will serve as a behind the scenes or perhaps even a stream of consciousness of stories that may not fit within the other areas of work. Personal projects, random banter, tutorials, tips and tricks, family images, design stuff I love, other artists work - they will all live here. The creative community is so important, so I’d love for this to be a hub for photographers, artists, outcasts, shenanigans peddlers, storytellers. Let’s build something amazing. While you’re here, check out the rest of the site and leave a comment below on what you want to see here.