Recent Work: Holland Preconstruction by Lee starnes


Recently, a friend and fellow French Bulldog owner, Matthew Holland of Holland Preconstruction, reached out to us as he was looking to give the launch of their new website a lifestyle look and feel. He wanted to show his company’s personality - to eliminate the corporate wall between the business and the people who make them. The brief was essentially this - Show process in how we do what we do, a fun headshot, be a bit cheeky, and of course, let’s have a picture of Dobby the Frenchie - after all he is the Head of Staff Well-being. Talk about a dream brief.

We met up with Matthew at his office to chat about his company and what could be a very dry and seemingly cold industry. It didn’t take long to see how his ethos of being approachable and collaborative was the key to his new success. We were thrilled to be working with a company that puts as much value into the collaborative process as we do. After a quick coffee, the shoot went on seamlessly and we captured multiple different headshots, documented some process, laid out the tools of the trade, Dobby made a quite dapper appearance, and we let Matthew’s personality shine. It only goes to show the collaborative process leads to really meaningful work. People, take note.

For the photographers, here’s a bit of photonerdery. All of these were shot with a Sony a7iii. I used the Zeiss Batis 85 f1.8 for the headshots, the Sony 28 f2 for some of the overhead shots, and the Zeiss 55 1.8 for some of the detail shots. They were all lit with a Godox ad200 bounced off a white ceiling or through a scrim and balanced with the light coming in through the huge north facing windows.