Recent Work: Octo Tapas Food Photography by Lee starnes

I just realized while we’ve been doing lots of food photography lately, there hasn’t been a post here about it. We’ll remedy that moving forward with some more interesting stories including some BTS shots and technical breakdowns for the photographers out there.

I also want this to be a place to say thank you to some of the great people we get to work with on a daily basis. We were recently tapped to shoot some lifestyle and editorial food photography for the fine folks at Octo Tapas here in Saigon. Already one of my favorite places to expand my waistline, I was excited to create some new visuals for their newly launched menu. We truly appreciate the trust to do justice to their food. Here a few of my favorites from our first round of shooting.

For the photographers, I’m sorry I didn’t shoot any BTS for this, but these were all shot with a Godox ad200 through a gridded softbox (sometimes through only the inner diffusion layer) flagged off here and there with a couple of bounce cards for fill.